Hawkins Precision Long Range Hybrid Scope Rings

March 9, 2020
Scope Rings

One of the most popular products in the Hawkins Precision line is our Long Range Hybrid rings. They provide a direct mount solution for many actions, have 25 MOA of cant built in, and are well suited for lightweight hunting rifle applications. Due to their unique design, they also generate the most questions of any product we make.

To help folks purchase these rings, we decided to put together a quick article on the Long Range Hybrids.


Which Actions Do You They Work With?
Currently Hawkins Long Range Hybrids are available for Defiance, Lone Peak, Remington 700, Tikka, Pierce, Stiller, Mesa Precision in Long and Short Action (depending on configuration). Below we’ve listed what actions these will mount on, as many of these companies produce several models of actions for specific needs.

  • Defiance – AnTi, Tenacity, Rebel. The rings include a machined spot for the rail pin. Available in 30mm and 34mm.
  • Lone Peak – Razor and Razor Ti, includes a machined spot for the rail pin.
  • Impact Precision – Titan II Actions (Use Stiller/Lone Peak Models)
  • Kelbly – Atlas Actions Serial #s 5,400+ (Use Stiller/Lone Peak Models)
  • Remington – 700 Short and Long Action
  • Stiller – Predator Short and Long Action, TAC30. Includes a spot for a rail pin
  • Pierce Engineering – Titanium and Steel Custom actions. No FT/R, 20X or 10X. (Use Stiller/Lone Peak)
  • Mesa Precision – Summit Titanium and Stainless (Use Stiller/Lone Peak Models)
  • Tikka – T3 and T3x. These do not include a spot for the Tikka recoil lug pin.
  • Bergara – Remington 700 Long Range Hybrids will work with all Bergara rifles that accept Remington 700 scope bases with 6-48 screws. Additional Bergara models are in development.


What Height do I Choose?
Since these are direct mount, it can be difficult to choose the correct height for your application. In general we suggest Lows for 30mm scopes with objectives 50mm and under. Highs for anything more than that. For 34mm we suggest lows for 50mm objectives and under, highs for anything above 56mm.

We’ve include some photos with captions in this article so you can see what clearance works best for each set.

One note, if you’re running a Proof Sendero contour (or anything that heavy) you may need to run Highs if you’re using a 2.5-20×50 Nightforce NX8 on a long action rifle. Due to its compact nature and the setup on the action, the objective will barely be touching the barrel.

Leupold VX-6HD 4-24x52mm/High Long Range Hybrids/Proof Sendero Contour – Blue Mountain Precision


How do I Mount Them?
The rings come with directional arrows on the bottom. Point the arrow head towards the muzzle of your rifle and torque them down. The ring labeled F goes on the front of the action, the ring with R goes on the rear nearest to the shooter.

  • Our rings do not require lapping. If lapped they will be unavailable for refund or exchange. These are precision machined on some of the finest CNCs in the world! Pull them out of the box and go! Long range hybrids will also come with screws for your receiver. 6-48 for Remingtons, 8-40s for Lone Peaks, for example. The 1/4” screws are for mounting the front ring. The longer 3/8” screws are for mounting the rear ring.

Torque Specifications:
Ring Top Screws: 25 in-lb.

Base Screws:

  • Defiance Action 8-40 screws – 22 in-lb
  • Lone Peak Action 8-40 screws – 22 in-lb
  • Pierce Action 8-40 screws – 22 in-lb
  • Remington Action 6-48 screws – 15 in-lb
  • Stiller Action 8-40 screws – 22 in-lb


Why Should I Purchase These?
They are light. These rings weight between 3oz and 4oz and are precision CNC machined from a single piece of billet 6061 aluminum.  Losing the pic rail reduces weight and gets your scope closer to the barrel for non-adjustable hunting stocks. This allows for a better natural point of aim and more consistent shooting.

They are robust. We’ve had these on the shop’s 338 Ultra Mag and they eat up every bit of recoil, and never shift if properly installed to correct torque specifications. (We suggest getting some Fix-It sticks to get them torqued down right.)

The rings also have 25MOA build in, making them the perfect lightweight long range hunting solution.


Will You Make Them for my XYZ Action or 35mm Scopes?
We are currently working on configurations for other actions as requests arise. However, if you have a large enough group looking for Long Range Hybrids for an action we do not currently make hybrids for, reach out and we may be able to begin production provided the quantity minimums are met.

We are currently looking into making 35mm Long Range Hybrids, but have not found the machine time to start making them yet. We hope to have them up and running by 2021. 35mm scope rings are available in our Ultra-Light Tactical and Heavy Tactical lines.

If you’d like Long Range Hybrids in 35mm before that date, Chris Brown at Long Range Customs will open up our 34mm sets to 35mm. Contact him at: liv4thehunt@gmail.com for more information and stocking levels.


Conclusion –
We hope this helps answer some questions and helps make your order easier. As always, please feel free to reach out if you need more guidance. Thanks for choosing Hawkins Precision.