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Reloading for 7 PRC
7 PRC Reloading Guide

The 7 PRC is here. Hornady’s new 7mm round has gotten a lot of attention since the SAAMI specs were released in the Summer of 2022. There’s been a lot of discussion (Why not 28 Nosler?! Won’t be as good as a 7 SAUM!) but what about the facts? Here we’ll show you some real […]

Quickly Setting up Your New Hunting Rifle for Long Range Success
Setting up Your New Rifle for Long Range Success

Do you have a new rifle and you’re looking to get up and running quickly? Do you have limited supply of reloading components to get it dialed in? Well, this is the article for you. We’re throwing wrench in the normal load development article and showing folks how to do it as quickly and efficiently […]

Hawkins Precision’s Guide to Precision Rifle Bottom Metal
Hawkins Precision Guide to Precision Rifle Bottom Metal

  With all the stock, action, and bottom metal choices on the market there is a lot to digest when picking the right bottom metal for your rifle. To help navigate the process for your next hunting, competition, service, or fun gun build we have compiled this article on how to pick the best bottom […]

Hawkins Precision Long Range Hybrid Scope Rings
Long Range Hybrid Scope Rings

One of the most popular products in the Hawkins Precision line is our Long Range Hybrid scope rings. They provide a direct mount solution for many actions, have 25 MOA of cant built in, and are well suited for lightweight hunting rifle applications. Due to their unique design, they also generate the most questions of […]