Bottom Metal

Hawkins Precision M5 Detachable Box Magazine (DBM)

Tactical shooters need to remain confident amid rapid magazine changes, and the Hawkins Precision DBM is designed specifically for precision shooting. CNC-machined from a billet of aluminum, this bottom metal incorporates a barricade stop into the front of the magazine well, and has a drafted magazine port. Our M5 DBM also includes a patented cantilever spring release that will not open under recoil. This piece is available with a forward Picatinny rail attachment to easily attach a bipod, barricade stop, or tripod—an economical solution to create a stable mount.

  • Fits Remington 700 actions.
  • Fits M5 inlets.
  • Uses AICS magazines.
  • Short-action version will work with AW magazines if your action is cut accordingly.
  • Comes with action screws and bedding pillars.
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Oberndorf Bottom Metals

Lightweight and premium quality, the Hawkins Precision Oberndorf Bottom Metal is a CNC-machined masterpiece at an affordable price. Our patented cantilever spring release ensures that the floorplate will not accidentally open under any level of recoil. Whether you’re looking to outshoot a competitor, or simply want to best your last score, you require consistency and precision. Hawkins Precision delivers.

  • In stock for Remington 700 short action and long action.
  • Also available as a kit with action screws and follower.
  • Long action weighs 2.6oz,  short action weighs 2.5oz
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hawkins-precision-remington-bdl-bottom-metal-black-300x199 hawkins-precision-remington-bdl-bottom-metal1-300x199 hawkins-precision-remington-bdl-bottom-metal2-300x199 hawkins-precision-remington-bdl-bottom-metal3-300x199 hawkins-precision-remington-bdl-bottom-metal4-300x199