Hawkins Precision Precision Rifle Components and Accessories

Click on the photos below to view our products and custom rifle builds featuring Hawkins Precision rifle bottom metal, scope rings, muzzle brakes and other components.

Vestals Custom Rifles 300 Norma Mag

Vestals Custom Rifles chambered up a 300 Norma Magnum in a Manners Composite Stocks T4A Stock, Stiller's Actions Tac 338, Hawkins Precision M5 338 CIP+ Bottom metal, Bartlein Barrels, Inc...

Dan’s Custom Guns 300 WSM

Dan's custom Guns 300 WSM. Hawkins Precision Ultra Light Tactical Scope Rings. Offset Level. Nightforce NXS Scope. Christensen Arms Carbon Fiber wrapped barrel.

Hunter DBM Bottom Metal

Hawkins Precision Hunter DBM bottom metal. Blue Mountain Precision 6.5 PRC, McMillan Game Warden, Lone Peak Arms Fuzion Ti, Schmidt and Bender PMII Ultra Short.

Zermatt Arms RimX 22LR Build

Zermatt Arms RimX, Nightforce ATACR 7-35, Hawkins Precision Ultra Light Tactical Rings, Hawkins Precision Action Screws, Manners PRS1, Proof Competition Contour barrel, Machine Works ISIS 22 Suppressor.

Plains Precision 6.5 Creedmoor

Plains Precision, 6.5 Creedmoor, Gunwerks GRB action, Bartlein Barrel, AG Composites Stock, Hawkins Precision M5 Onberndorf Bottom Metal.

West Texas Ordnance 25 Creedmoor

25 Creedmoor on a Lone Peak Fuzion-TI with SwitchLug. AG Composites adjustable Hunter Stock. Hawkins Precision M5 DBM, and Ultra Light Tactical Scope Rings. Proof Research carbon fiber barrel/Sendero contour.

West Texas Ordnance 7mm SAW

West Texas Ordnance 7mmSAW, Hawkins Bottom Metal, SS Rifles Stock, Lone Peak Arms Fuzion Ti, Proof Research Sendero Light, Leupold MK5 HD 3.6-18x44 scope in 35mm Ultralight Tactical Scope Rings.