Hawkins Precision Precision Rifle Components and Accessories

Click on the photos below to view our products and custom rifle builds featuring Hawkins Precision rifle bottom metal, scope rings, muzzle brakes and other components.

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223 Wylde Bolt Action

Blue Mountain Precision 223 Wylde bolt action rifle. Impact Precision 737R, Foundation Stocks Centurion, Hawkins M5 DBM bottom metal, Hawkins Tank ST Muzzle Brake, Hawkins Precision Heavy Tactical Scope Rings,...

Weaver Rifles 6.5 Creedmoor

Weaver Rifles 6.5 Creedmoor Hunting Rifle. McMillan Game Warden Stock, Lone Peak Fuzion action, Hawkins Precision Hunter DBM, Hawkins Precision Hunter Magazine, Hawkins Precision Ultra-Light Tactical Rings, 35mm Medium Height,...

Weaver Rifles 300 Norma Improved

300 Norma improved, Hornady 230 a-tip, PROOF Research Sendero carbon barrel, Kelbly's Inc. Atlas 338 action, McMillan Fiberglass Stocks Game Warden Edge Stock, Hawkins 338 CIP+ M5 DBM, Hawkins Heavy...

TS Customs 6BR

TS Customs 6BR, Impact Precision 737R action, Benchmark Barrel, Hawkins M5 DBM, Hawkins Tank ST Muzzle Brake, Manners Stock, Bix'n Andy TacSport Pro, Zero Compromise CZ420, Heavy Tactical scope rings.

Preece Precision 6 Dasher

Preece Precision 6 Dasher. Hawkins Precision Ultra Light Tactical Rings, 6mm Tank ST Muzzle Brake, Hawk Hill Barrel (7.5 twist/M24 Contour), MasterPiece Arms BA Comp Chassis, Kahles 624i scope, American...

Alamo Precision 22lr

Alamo Precision 22lr, Bergara B-14 22lr, Harrells Rimfire Tuner, Hawkins M5 DBM, GrayBoe Stock.

Vestals Custom Rifles 300 Norma Mag

Vestals Custom Rifles chambered up a 300 Norma Magnum in a Manners Composite Stocks T4A Stock, Stiller's Actions Tac 338, Hawkins Precision M5 338 CIP+ Bottom metal, Bartlein Barrels, Inc...