Long Range Hybrid Rings

*Please Note: Due to the Colorado Shelter in Place Mandate, Shipping of Products May be Delayed to April 11th, 2020.

There is nothing on the market today that compares with the Hawkins Precision Long-Range Hybrid Rings. These lightweight rings are a direct-mount, robust, 25 MOA solution for a lightweight long-range hunting rifle. CNC-machined in the USA out of a single billet of 6061 aluminum, the Long-Range Hybrid Ring weighing between three and four ounces and features an anti-cant level cap. These are currently available for Remington 700, Stiller, Lone Peak, Pierce and Defiance actions with built in 25 MOA.

Mounting Instructions: There are arrows engraved on the bottom of the rings, the arrows are mounted toward the end of the barrel, they are also marked with an F for the front ring and R for the rear ring. The 1/4” screws are for mounting the front ring. The longer 3/8” screws are for mounting the rear ring.

Torque Specifications: Check the torque recommendations for your particular rifle scope before using these recommendations.

Ring Top Screws:              25 in-lb.

Base Screws:                      *8-40 screws – 22 in-lb                       *6-48 screws – 15 in-lb

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