Why Hawkins Precision gun components?

Higher quality. Better value. Quicker turnaround.

Hawkins Precision manufactures the highest quality custom gun components available on the market today, all at an affordable price. Providing the industry’s best customer service, we focus on the unique specifications of each customer, creating a partnership with precise results that exceed expectations.

At Hawkins Precision, we understand the importance of precision and accuracy of gun accessories at every stage of development – from conception to machining. And because your customers demand perfection, we provide you with CNC-machined products from billets of pure aluminum. No corners are ever cut, and every piece is consistently identical. Our gun components meet rigorous quality standards, so you can be sure your customers will be completely satisfied. And all our innovative products are designed, developed, prototyped, manufactured and assembled in the USA, with shorter lead times than the competition.

Because collaboration is the foundation of our exceptional success, we engineer every component with the end-user in mind, often working with leading tactical shooters and gunsmiths. Whether we’re delivering a standard accessory, an extraordinary hybrid, or a completely unique component, Hawkins Precision keeps you and your customers a step ahead of the competition.

Contact us today to learn more about partnering with Hawkins Precision.

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