Hawkins Precision products

Since 2012 Hawkins Precision has been creating and manufacturing custom gun accessories that provide the competitive edge for tactical shooters and serious hunters. Our mission from the outset has been to deliver better industry accessories and unique custom designs that outperform anything on the market.

Hawkins Precision builds better parts at a better price, with better lead times.

Today’s consumers require a shorter time-to-ship from gunsmiths and manufacturers. And they demand perfection. Every time. This is where Hawkins Precision surpasses the competition. All our products are CNC-machined (Computer Numerical Control) using a billet of pure aluminum and undergo rigorous quality standards. Every repeated part is consistently identical, and each custom solution is flawlessly built.

As a gunsmith or custom gun manufacturer, your reputation depends on the quality and performance of the products you sell. Hawkins Precision is here to design, develop and manufacture the components you need – all built with better parts and provided to you with a faster turnaround. And if you have an idea for a unique hybrid, or a completely innovative accessory, contact us today to learn how we can make your vision a reality.