Muzzle Brakes

Ported Brakes

Hawkins Precision Ported Muzzle Brakes are a modified version of our Tank Brake. These Ported Muzzle Brakes are ideal for competition and hunting rifles as they can be turned to match any barrel contour, so they will never get caught on an obstacle or terrain when changing shooting positions. The small size, lightweight dimension, and low profile of the Ported Brake also make it ideal for hunting rifles. Available in 416 stainless. Hawkins Precision will also make them out of 17-4 or Titanium upon request.

Diameter minimum turn diameter threads
1″ .875″ 5/8-24 3B
.875 .750″ 5/8-24 3B
.750 .687″ 1/2-28 3B
.687 .6″ 7/16-32 3B
Muzzle Brake
3 Port Muzzle Brake


Tank Brake

The Hawkins Precision Tank Brake was designed for long-range shooting in the prone position. It reduces recoil and muzzle rise without stirring up dust, leaving your field of view open for another shot. The Hawkins Precision Tank Brake is one of the most efficient muzzle brakes on the market, reducing felt recoil by more than half. Designed large magnum calibers, our Tank Brake is available in 416 stainless steel. Please contact us for information and pricing.

Diameter minimum turn diameter threads
1″ .875″ 5/8-24 3B
.875 .750″ 1/2-28 3B
.750 .687″ 7-16-32 3B
Custom options available


Tank Muzzle Brake