Below are a few of the most commonly asked questions. If you have a question please reach out to us with the contact form, at: cs@hawkinsprecision.com or call: 719-216-4151.

What is rifle bottom metal?

The rifle bottom metal goes into a rifle stock and allows the rifle to hold either a box magazine, or blind magazine, which allows the rifle to feed more than one cartridge. It is also a trigger guard around a trigger group.

How tight should a muzzle brake be?

In terms of how tight your muzzle brake should be, we recommend 100 in-lbs. for our self-timing muzzle brakes. You can do this with a well-calibrated torque wrench.

Do muzzle brakes change point of impact?

Adding a muzzle brake is likely to change point of impact. You will likely need to adjust your scope’s zero point.

Do muzzle brakes affect accuracy?

Muzzle brakes do not affect accuracy.

What do muzzle brakes do?

Muzzle brakes reduce felt recoil on a rifle system by dissipating the gases from the firing process away from the shooter.

Do I need high or medium scope rings?

Whether you need a high or medium scope ring depends on your scope and barrel contour. In general, scopes with a 56mm objective with standard contours can use a medium height scope ring.

What is the purpose of a scope ring?

The purpose of a scope ring is to secure your optic to your rifle system. Offering added accuracy, precision, and long-range capabilities to any firearm.

What is Oberndorf bottom metal?

The Hawkins Precision Oberndorf bottom metal is a lightweight, premium quality CNC-machined masterpiece. It will fit in a Remington 700 short action and long action BDL inlet, but it may not sit flush and may need some minor fitting.

What is M5 bottom metal?

The Hawkins Precision M5 bottom metal is born from our famous Oberndorf bottom metal and made to fit a standard M5 inlet.

Can Hawkins Precision make custom gun components?

Yes, we can make custom gun components at Hawkins Precision. Please give us a call at 719-217-7144 so we can discuss what you have in mind and the best method for moving forward.

Do you have a minimum order requirement?

No, we do not have a minimum order requirement. We sell products individually or in any quantity required.

Will your M5 bottom metal fit in the inlet on my Factory Remington rifle?

No, our M5 bottom metal does not fit the inlet on a Factory Remington rile. The Hawkins Precision M5 bottom metal requires a larger inlet. Most major stock companies offer a Hawkins Precision M5 inlet.

Can I replace my factory BDL bottom metal with an Oberndorf bottom metal?

You can replace your factory BDL bottom metal with an Oberndorf bottom metal, but it will likely not look right. We recommend you purchase a custom stock with a Hawkins Precision Oberndorf bottom metal inlet or speak to your gunsmith about custom fitting.

How do I become a Hawkins Precision distributor?

To become a Hawkins Precision distributor, email us a with a copy of your FFL to sales@hawkinsprecision.com.

My CIP Accurate mag doesn’t fit in my bottom metal, am I doing something wrong?

Our bottom metal is sized to fit Accuracy International (AICS) Magazines, which measure 3.850″-3.845″. Accurate Mags seem to vary from 3.865″-3.855″. If we size our magwell to accommodate Accurate Mags, Accuracy International Magazines do not feed reliably. Use the CIP+ bottom metal for 3.850 Accurate and MDT bottom metals.

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