Buy Hawkins Precision Rifle Accessories


Shop here to buy Hawkins Precision rifle accessories such as bottom metals, scope rings, muzzle brakes, and other precision rifle components.
We offer precision machined components from your long range rifle.  All Hawkins Precision products are proudly made in the USA in Colorado Springs, Co.

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Our scope rings are precision machined and come in 30mm, 34mm, 35mm, and 36mm diameters. They are built for use on ultra light hunting rifles and
competition ready precision rifles. All Hawkins Precision scope rings include an integrated bubble level.

Hawkins Precision bottom metals are built for Remington 700 and custom clone actions. These include our hinged floorplate Oberndorf (BDL style)
bottom metal, M5 Oberndorf for stocks with an M5 inlet, M5 DBM for tactical applications, and the low profile Hunter DBM.

Muzzle brakes are available in 2 and 3-port models. This includes the standard round brake or the Tank Brake. These are seamless gunsmith install models need to
be opened up for caliber and blended to the barrel. Available in stainless steel and titanium. Also available is the 4-port self-timing Tank ST muzzle brake.

Additional products include actions screws, thread protectors, followers, bipod picatinny rails and merchandise. Buy precision rifle components at Hawkins Precision!