Featherweight Action Compatibility

scope rings

Remington 700

Rings come with #6 and #8 screws. Will fit these rifles and actions:

  • Remington 700
  • Bergara
  • Christensen Arms
  • Fierce Rival
  • MOA Rifles Actions
  • HS Precision Actions
  • Nosler M48
  • Springfield Waypoint 2020
scope rings

Savage 110/Stiller Pattern

Will fit these rifles and actions:

  • Stiller TAC and Predator Actions
  • Lone Peak Razor/Razor Ti
  • Kelbly Atlas/Atlas Lite
  • Zermatt Ti3 / Origin / SR3 / TL3
  • Pierce Engineering Steel and Titanium
  • Pure Precision SKLTN, Summit and Summit Ti
  • Kauger Arms VPR SST
  • Weatherby 307
  • Mack Bros EVO SS
  • Tuebor Legion/Legion Ti
  • Savage 110/Ultralight

Installation Instructions

scope ring

The Featherweight scope rings come engraved with an “F” for the front ring, and “R” for the rear, if applicable. They can be mounted in any direction, however if you place the ring bodies in the closest orientation to each other it will give you the most mounting surface to set your eye relief. Minimum scope tube mounting lengths are as follows: Remington 700 - 5.00" SA / 5.50" LA - Stiller/Savage - 5.10" SA / 5.50" LA.

scope ring

Sheer/recoil pins are included for actions that have an accommodation them. Torque the ring bases to your action to 15 in-lbs for #6 screws. 22 in-lbs for #8 screws. Torque ring caps to 20 in-lbs or to your scope manufacturer’s recommended torque setting. Shoot more. Enjoy.

Scope Ring Height

The below information is only a general guideline for scope ring height/featherweight scope ring selection. It is always best to measure your optic/rifle system for proper scope ring selection. Be sure to also measure your scope main tube length to make sure your scope is long enough for direct mount scope rings.

Height from the bottom of the Scope to the top of the action
Sporter Barrel Contours -
Scopes with a 44mm objective or less
Sporter Barrels with 50mm Scope Objectives -
Carbon Barrels with a 44mm Scope Objectives or less
Carbon/Heavy Contour Barrels with
50mm Objectives or greater
scope ring