Hawkins Precision Heavy Tactical Rings are probably the best scope rings on the market for anyone looking to have a rock solid interface between their scope and rifle. With the six screw construction I know if my rifle takes a fall the scope will not shift in these rings. The integrated bubble level is also in the perfect position so you can see it above your windage turret to make sure there’s no cant in your rifle when taking long range shots. Love mine!

Ryan McKinley,

Hawkins Precision Ultra-Light Tactical scope rings are my go to rings for my PRS and hunting rifles. They are light, 100% solid, and the included bubble level make it so I don’t have to buy an additional scope level when outfitting my rifle. Mine have seen many years of use and abuse and never shifted once from falls and spills.

Nick Depperschmidt,

Hawkins Precision Heavy Tactical rings are a perfect upgrade for any competition shooter. They are very well made and he has selected the proper screws to compliment them. You will not break or strip bolt heads like I have done with other scope mounts. They don’t call me a monkey with a wrench for no reason at all!

Lou Smith IV,

We have used Hawkins Precision throughout the last several years as a parts supplier for precision rifle components, and could not be happier. The product quality they provide coupled with peerless business ethics and outstanding technical support has been invaluable for us. I highly recommend Andy and his team for anyone needing the best quality components delivered on time, and built right the first time!

Clayton Smith, West Texas Ordnance, Inc.