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Shop here for Hawkins Precision bottom metals.  All Hawkins Precision products are made in the USA in our Colorado Springs facility.

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Hawkins Precision M5 DBM (Detachable Box Magazine) is made for Remington 700 pattern actions such as Impact Precision, Big Horn / Zermatt Arms, Defiance, etc. They are designed to run AICS, AW, and Accurate Magazines. Available in Short Action, Defiance XM, Lone Peak XM, Long Action, CIP 338 Lapua and CIP+ 338 Lapua.

We also have lightweight bottom metal for sale. For your hunting rifle select the Oberndorf and M5 Oberndorf. These BDL style bottom metals are lightweight, rugged and will not open under recoil. The M5 Oberndorf will fit into a M5 inlet and is designed to run Wyatt Extended boxes.

If you’re looking to run a low-profile bottom metal for hunting and competitions with a magazine, check out our Hunter DBM. Run AICS magazines in a flush bottom metal. Buy bottom metal online with Hawkins Precision!