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Rifle Muzzle Brakes for Sale


Shop here for Hawkins Precision Muzzle Brakes.  Cut recoil, see your shots, make educated follow up shots! All Hawkins Precision products are made in the USA at our Colorado Springs facility.

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Hawkins Precision produces the best muzzle brakes on the market. These precision muzzle brakes effectively cut recoil without bathing the shooter with concussion. Hawkins produces gunsmith install muzzle brakes that can be blended to the barrel as well as user install self-timing muzzle brakes.

The self timing Tank ST muzzle brake is a 4 port brake made out of indestructible 17-4 stainless steel. Users can torque on the brake via a 3/8 hex bit key at the front of the brake. Never struggle with POI shift again! Available in 6mm, 6.5mm, 7mm, and 30 cal variants.

Gunsmith install muzzle brakes are available in 2 port and 3 port configurations. Outside diameters include .687″, .750″, .800″, .875″, and 1.00″. Some models are also available in Titanium. Browse our rifle muzzle brakes for sale below!

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