Featherweight Scope Rings

Our new Featherweight scope rings are Hawkins Precision’s answer to the call for a premium, lightweight direct scope mounting solution that won’t break the bank. With a stripped down feature set that cuts weight off our Long-Range Hybrid rings by 35-50%, these rings have everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

CNC-machined in the USA of billet 6061 aluminum, these rings are currently available for Remington 700 pattern & Savage/Stiller actions. Unlike our Hybrids, the Featherweights do not have any built in cant. This allows the rings to mount on multiple action lengths, and in multiple directions provided the actions screw holes are non-directional.

Rings ship with both 6-48 and 8-40 screws, as well as shear/recoil pins for actions that will accommodate them.

Note: Springfield Waypoint 2020 recoil pins are NOT compatible.

Mounting Instructions: If applicable, there will be an F engraved on the front ring, and an R engraved on the rear ring.

Torque Specifications: Check the torque specifications for your particular rifle scope before using the Ring Cap specifications below.

Ring Cap Screws:              20 in-lb.

Base Screws:                      *8-40 screws – 22 in-lb                       *6-48 screws – 15 in-lb

Application Guide Available – CLICK HERE

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