Heavy Tactical Scope Rings

The Hawkins Precision Heavy Tactical scope rings where designed with the competitive shooter in mind. They are a larger frame scope ring designed to have extra rigidity and more features. They come standard with a 4.6″ or 3.6″ long top picatinny rail and an offset level cap so the shooter can see their level from their shooting position without breaking their cheek weld. The top rail gives you the ability to mount a laser rangefinder, a dope card or any other accessory you may need. The Heavy Tactical Scope Rings rings come in 34mm, 35mm, or 36mm.

Scope Ring Heights (scope rings in other heights can be found HERE)
Heights 1.0”, 1.15”

Torque Specifications

Check the torque recommendations for your particular rifle scope before using these recommendations.
*Ring top screws: 20-25-in-lb.
*Base cross bolts: 65-in-lb.

Additional information

Weight N/A

34mm, 35mm, 36mm

Pic Rail

3.6", 4.6"